Radio Helps Parents Talk to Kids About Drugs

“Can you tell us which one of these kids have tried drugs?” . . . “Ok, see if you can tell which one of your son’s friends has tried drugs.” . . .  “See if you can tell which one of these kids likes to get high.” . . .  “It’s sad, but one of the following kids does drugs.  Can you tell which one?”
 Radio was selected by the Metropolitan Life Foundation to ask the above questions and provide some answers for parents and caregivers.  The campaign, in collaboration with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, began in April in 13 markets including New York.  The target was parents and caregivers with children between the ages of 9 and 13.  Each 60-second commercial focused on a separate parenting skill:  instilling responsibility in your child; listening to your child; knowing who your child’s friends are; and the importance of supervised after-school activities.
 Explains Sibyl Jacobson, president and CEO of MLF:  “Simply talking with children – not only about drugs, but about what is happening in their lives – is an important part of being a parent.  The Radio messages encourage parents to become involved with their children.  They highlight parenting skills that have been proven to help keep kids away from drugs.”
 Richard D. Bonnette, president and CEO of The Partnership for a Drug-Free America credits the Radio campaign with making a difference and giving parents the confidence they need to talk to their kids about drugs.  “Metropolitan Life Foundation,” he adds, “has been an outstanding partner in our effort to encourage parents to protect their children from drugs.”
 Each Radio commercial includes an offer for a brochure, How to be a Better Parent, which is available in both English and Spanish by calling 1-800-METLIFE.  It can also be downloaded from the website,

 The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, with MLF funding, also launched a new online, interactive version of the campaign on their website (  Website visitors will be able to listen to one of the campaign’s Radio messages, view related print ads and download copies of How to be a Better Parent.