Impact of Mobile on Local Radio

Sprint’s NextRadio® system has brought free local FM radio to smart phones. Compared to streaming services, this live terrestrial radio uses less data and battery life.
With almost 20 million Sprint subscribers, how will NextRadio® impact consumers’ media consumption? If AT&T and Verizon ask their handset makers to turn on the FM chip embedded in most smartphones, how will this transform the radio industry?
As of March 2015, 53% of Americans are listening to radio online.. Since 2011, the amount of time per day spent listening to digital radio has almost doubled. When combining the amount of time users are listening to radio and digital radio, listening has increased by 12 minutes.   
Considering the availability of NextRadio® on smart phones, the number of Americans listening to radio via this format will grow. This technology will result in an increase in the amount of time people will spend listening to either radio or digital radio. As awareness of NextRadio® builds, local advertisers and brands need to understand how this feature will impact consumer behavior.   
With almost two-thirds of Americans owning smartphones, the potential for NextRadio® radio is enormous. Forty-one percent of smartphone users are already listening to the radio and podcasts via their phone.
Local radio has the power to fuel an immediate response using today’s smart phone technology. With 89% of users accessing the Internet weekly on their phones, local radio ads can drive users via their mobile device to branded information, social media pages, applications, and websites.
Written by Carly Fink, Principal of Provoke Insights
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